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The SPAA (Scottish Passenger Agents' Association) today represents all of Scotland's major travel agents within its Membership, working increasingly pro-actively with a growing group of Associate Members – our Principals – to address the issues and meet the challenges of the constantly changing travel marketplace, thereby protecting the interests of our mutual clients throughout the nation and beyond. The Association is managed by an elected Council, and operated on a day-to-day basis by a Secretariat of three - a Secretary, Treasurer and Publisher. Day to day and media contact is conducted through a designated group of Principal Contacts (see Media section), and specific areas of travel sector affairs and SPAA activities are managed by the SPAA's Committees, details of which appear below.

Direct Contacts

SPAA Committees

Air + GDS Committee

Convener - Ken McLeod. Members include Brian Potter, Aman Kohli, Douglas Morrison and Kevin Thom. The aims of this committee are:-

To maintain an effective dialogue with a range of airlines, in particular those who operate from and within Scotland and who are vital to the industry in Scotland.

To represent the best interests of SPAA members in regular discussions with those airlines.

To promote the value of members as an effective and efficient means of distribution on behalf of the airlines.

To help ensure that members are kept fully up to date on all airline developments and policies which may impact upon their day to day business.

To take forward to airlines, the views and concerns brought to the Air Committee by members of the Association.

To have effective dialogue with the four main GDS suppliers, Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan. This vital sector of the industry is essential to the smooth running of systems between members and principals and the Committee works to make certain that SPAA members' views are to the fore when any changes are planned or difficulties encountered which may impact on the day-to-day running of members' companies.

Members may contact Alan at [email protected] with any issues which may be of concern.

Brian Potter looks after any issues related to the APJC in respect of its operation in Scotland, with the assistance of Observer Sandy MacPherson. Members may contact Brian at [email protected] with issues of concern.

Industry Affairs Committee

Kevin Thom is Convenor and the Members are Jimmy Martin, and Brian Potter. Matters of interest may be communicated to [email protected]

Leisure Committee

Jimmy Martin is Convener of the Leisure Committee, and the Members include Alan Glen, Gayle Gordon and Alan Milne. The aims of this Committee are:-

To communicate effectively with tour operator partners to ensure that information is distributed to both Committee and the membership timeously in order that all members be fully aware of the developments and policies which will impact on their day to day business.

To be aware of market trends on a monthly basis to establish how our tour operator partners are performing – particularly in the Scottish marketplace, and to assist with remedial action where appropriate.

To ensure that distribution policies of these operators are fair and equitable to all of our members and that pricing is on a "level playing field".

Members may contact the Leisure Committee at [email protected]  with any issues which may be of concern.

Cruise Committee

Irene Darracott is Convener of the Cruise Committee, with Kennedy Cree and Alan Milne serving as Members.

Members may contact the Cruise Committee at [email protected] with any issued which may be of concern.

Rail Committee

Alan Milne is Convener of the Rail Committee and he may be contacted at [email protected].

Political Activities

Sandy MacPherson is SPAA Political Convener.

Members may contact Sandy at [email protected] with any issues which may be of concern.

Social Media and futureSPAA

Gayle Gordon is Convener of Social Media and she also looks after futureSPAA.

Members may contact Gayle at [email protected].

Social & Awards Committee

Joanne Dooey is Convener of the Social & Awards Committee, and Irene Darracott, Gayle Gordon and Aman Kohli serve as Members. The Committee looks after all aspects of the Spring + Autumn Networking Lunches; the Annual Summer Ball in June, and the Annual Travel Awards in November.

Irene Darracott has responsibility for matters relating the charities.

Details of SPAA social events will be published in the Diary section of www.spaa.org.

Members may contact the Social Events Committee at [email protected].

SPAA Annual Travel Quiz

Irene Darracott looks after all aspects of the SPAA's Annual Travel Quiz.

Members may contact Irene at [email protected]

Annual SPAA Dinner

Aman Kohli is Convener of the Dinner Committee, and amongst the Members are Joanne Dooey, Tim Roulston and Drew Stewart.

Members may contact Aman at [email protected].

SPAA Annual Golf Day

Alan Glen is SPAA Golf Convener.

Members may contact Alan at [email protected] 

STAR (Scottish Travel Agents' Road Show)

Gayle Gordon and Janice Hogarth look after the STAR event.

Members may contact Gayle at [email protected] and Janice at [email protected]

SPAA Diary

  • Thursday 24 August 2017
    Golf Day - Lanark Golf Club
  • Thursday 07 September 2017 - Hilton Edinburgh Carlton, Edinburgh
    Autumn Seminar & Networking Lunch
  • Thursday 14 September 2017 - Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen
    STAR Exhibition Aberdeen
SPAA Diary

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