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The Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association

Our mission is to ensure the Scottish travel marketplace is fair for consumers and travel agents. Representing all
of Scotland's major travel agents and working with our Associate members we tackle the biggest regulatory,
legislative and commercial challenges facing our industry.
We are the voice of Scotland's travel profession.

Image depicting current issues being tackled by the SPAA

SPAA Calls on Scottish Government to re-consider Spain for 'Safe List' of destinations - READ BELOW...

From the President

SPAA Calls on Scottish Government to re-consider Spain's exclusion from 'Safe List' of travel destination countries - Scroll down to second News item to read on...

Meanwhile, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic ...

the Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association and its Members continue to serve the travelling public during the coronavirus outbreak - and urge Government to continue to respond with ongoing financial support for travel providers, airports and airlines

Many holidaymakers are contacting travel agents to cancel holidays because of COVID-19, but the SPAA is highlighting the current advice - for the public to monitor UK FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) online guidance, and trust their travel agent for professional help before making a decision on their current bookings; planned arrangements or future travel plans.

President's statement on COVID-19 crisis :

Trust your travel agent


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Scottish Government's exclusion of Spain from 'safe list' risks Scotland losing air routes and aviation-related staff

Scots are likely to cross the border to fly out to Spain from Newcastle and Manchester on holiday this summer, causing them unnecessary expense and inconvenience, and putting Scotland’s…


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