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Our brand new deluxe river cruise vessel...
a deluxe river cruise vessel offering 4 star comfort & superior service

We are thrilled to introduce Victoria Mekong - offering 3 night and 4 night cruising
itineraries between Vietnam's Mekong Delta + Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh.
With its four-star comfort and superior service, there is no better way to experience
the beauty of the Mekong

Shore excursions put you right into the heart of local life and there are plenty of
opportunities to interact with local people and their fascinating culture, whilst on
board you'll sample local heritage through music and dance

We've taken the Victoria Mekong's innovative 3 night/4 night itineraries and built
them into 4 new group tours, with a maximum 18 people per group, and 2 new
private tours

Ranging from an introductory tour of the wonders of southern Vietnam + Cambodia
to an in-depth journey through Indochina, each itinerary offers a perfect showcase
for the treasures of this delightful region
VISIT www.wendywutours.co.uk to find out more