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The Security Industry Safer Scotland (Counter Terrorism) Group - (SISS(CT)G) - represents key voices from within the security industry in Scotland, both providers and users, along with a number of key partners. Partners include the Security Industry Authority, the British Security Industry Association, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, Police Scotland and senior figures from major security firms, the Association of Universities Chief Security Officers, the Safety Officers Association, Retail Consortiums, the Association of Town and City Management, the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, and Event Organisers.

The Strategic Aim of the group is To enhance the capacity and capability of the security industry to counter terrorism' within Scotland and this has seen discussion on several areas of the work including, but not limited to, good practice in collaborative working.

CSSC Scotland is seen as an ideal mechanism for this group to engage with business and last Friday a message was sent out signposting businesses to the NaCTSO National Menu of Counter Terrorism Tactical Options together with the Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Graduated Security Plan (GraSP) guidance document.

Given the importance of the business sector's ability to plan and respond appropriately to a potential rise in the UK Threat Level and what that means in respect to a potential change of stance, on behalf of the SISS(CT)G, please find attached a further document entitled "Business advice re planning for increases in UK Threat and Response levels". This document offers guidance to businesses on the relationship between Threat and Response levels,  and draws your attention once again and contains key links to the NaCTSO National Menu of Counter Terrorism Tactical Options, the NaCTSO Crowded Places guidelines and the aforementioned GraSP document.