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New apps for staff and customers offer real time updates
  • Two major tech innovations set to change the industry
  • New app for staff called Back on Track is a global first for a travel company
  • Track ‘n Travel will give customers real time updates on disruptions

Two major tech innovations developed by Virgin Trains to improve customer service at times of major disruption – ‘Back on Track’ and ‘Track ‘n Travel’ – are set to change the industry.

In a global first for a transport company, the new ‘Back on Track’ app now connects teams both behind the scenes and on the frontline across the network during periods of disruption.

The improved communication and coordination means front line staff can outline up to the minute, accurate information to customers. This could include alternative routes and information on ticket acceptance.

Co- created by the digital workflow company ServiceNow for Virgin Trains, the bespoke app is now being regularly used by hundreds of Virgin Trains employees across its UK network.

The second development is Track ‘n’ Travel, which is fuelled by the same data which Back on Track uses and is a one-stop shop for customers to review their journey pre and post departure in real time. This now means there is one source of truth, for staff and customers alike.

It is the main feature of a new onboard portal vthub.uk - recently launched alongside free Wi-Fi on Virgin Trains. It will also be built into the Virgin Trains website, giving customers up to date disruption information directly to their smart phones.

With both developments, it means Virgin Trains’ customers will be able to have seamless, up-to-date information to help them navigate their journeys during rail disruption.