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Calling off the SPAA Dinner last week was a huge disappointment to all. In consideration of all the work put in by our Secretary Janice Hogarth and the Dinner Committee, and the support from the Crowne Plaza and GM Dominic McVey, it was a really difficult decision to cancel, but the right one.
However, the challenges that surrounded all transport companies, whether airlines, train or bus operators, car rental companies and the like were much greater than postponing a dinner. So many people missed hard-earned holidays, important meetings were cancelled, and weddings, funerals and concerts all fell to the weather. So, whilst we can reschedule a dinner, many have missed events that can never be replaced.
As far as the industry is concerned, once again, it is the travel agency community that comes to the rescue, or at least, the assistance, of many, many customers, trying to re-book, re-route and refund - whatever their needs, and trying to ensure they got to their destination.
For those who had no-one to call other than an airline call centre, then get cut off fifteen times, and wait another 45 minutes to be answered (and I know someone who suffered this), then maybe next time, booking through a travel agent might be a good idea!  

Ken McLeod
SPAA President