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Following comments from the new head of the CAA, Richard Moriarty, at the Barclays Travel Forum in London last week, the CAA apparently does recognise that the timescales for implementing the new ATOL rules from 1st July are “tight”. He went on to say “I’m not expecting everyone to be tickety-boo and I think we will take a proportionate and monitoring stance to compliance on July 1.”.

In the world of government, and the CAA, it’s quite difficult to get a handle on exactly what is meant by “tickety-boo”? It’s not a phrase that’s been overly used over the last few years from a legislative body such as the CAA! We will obviously be seeking clarification from the CAA, however we need to look at these comments in a positive light, and therefore must assume that once we are provided with the guidance rules (which have still to appear), if agents are working towards compliance and have started the process from 1st July, in the same way as GDPR, then compliance may become a little bit smoother for us all.

Last week we also had the first of our Face to Face lunches between agents and Associates in Glasgow. These are valuable networking opportunities to talk about the issues of the day, and are well received by those that attend. This week it is Edinburgh and the following week, Aberdeen.

The short time out of the office is well worth the investment for members, especially if you have something you would like to learn more about from the industry and your fellow colleagues.

Ken McLeod
President - SPAA
14 May 2018