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After all the excitement and build-up, Christmas Day seems to fly past faster every year, but I hope the festivities were every bit as as enjoyable and memorable for you and your family and friends as they were for me and mine. Of course, Hogmanay has still to come, but every year at this time, most of us tend to be looking forward -  wondering what the new year will bring, and starting to make plans.

It seems like ages ago - but back in early December at our AGM, in my first report as SPAA President, I spoke about our key plans for 2020. In my last column I was able to say a bit more about the new Sparkle Awards - one of the ways the SPAA will be recognising how important our front-line people are to all our businesses.

Looking ahead - a challenge in itself

We all realise the next few years will be a challenge - economic uncertainty and climate change are on our screens, day and daily. It’s generally accepted - we need to do more to protect our planet, and give back to some of the destinations we send tourists to visit. Add in the realisation - mostly brought about by our younger generations - that there’s not a moment to lose, and it can seem like a challenge far too great for one person to make a difference.

People power - each of us can make a difference

It’s a fact, though, that the generosity of our Association members towards our designated charities through the years means each of us makes a difference. That’s why, inspired by GAdventures founder Bruce Poon Tip’s passionate presentation of his Planeterra Foundation initiative, I know the SPAA family can do something really significant to Give Back - to our planet, and to the worldwide travel community.

I’ll be able to say more about the project we have in mind, very soon - but the basis is to raise funds to empower women to participate in social enterprise development, somewhere in the developing world. The objective is to help them build their self-esteem, and give them the chance to take on a leadership role in their communities - ideally setting up and running small tourism-related businesses, whose initial clientele will be GAdventures travellers.

The Planeterra Foundation + Project 100

There’s no-one better placed to introduce the Planeterra Foundation than the folks themselves, so please take a few minutes of your time to follow the links (below) to the Foundation website, and then watch the short video presentation. I’m betting it will inspire you just as much as it did me ... 

The Planeterra Foundation story | who we are and why we are different
Click on image below to read more

Where we work | 7 continents; 51 countries; 85 projects and counting
Click on image below to read more

Who we support | women; youth; communities, and the environment
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Our aim | introducing Project 100, and a message from Bruce Poon Tip
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Then, watch out for the launch of our SPAA Project, soon after New Year!