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Sometimes it pays to fly from regional airports, despite additional taxes and sometimes higher fares. A summer of discontent is with us, especially in the favourite areas of an unhappy workforce, this time mainly surrounding London.

Strikes in the airline world are no different to other industries, in that they are planned for maximum disruption. If all the planned action goes ahead, there are few London airports that won’t be affected.

Heathrow workers have planned strikes for late July and August, and with 1,300 movements a day it is difficult to see how there won’t be considerable disruption. Two separate groups at Gatwick are planning strikes for mid-August, and at Stansted a whopping 17-day period of strike action is planned - with their main target being easyjet.

In addition, cabin crew staff at BA Gatwick are unhappy with what is on offer, and staying with BA - a planned pilots’ strike is currently being balloted. Their One World partner American Airlines is not immune - from a “slowdown” by mechanics which could affect the transatlantic partnership routes. 

Even Ryanair are possibly going to be affected, as another ballot will take place in August on issues within the carrier. Add to that the Highland and Islands current strike action by air traffic control personnel and it all adds up to quite a list. 

Needless to say, a number of these could be resolved before they happen, but that isn’t a comfort for passengers planning any getaway. 

Despite these downsides, the holiday market seems to have picked up considerably, and tour operators are reporting much better figures than only a couple of months ago. UK travellers are nothing if not resilient, and will not be put off their summer breaks by threatened action at whatever airport, airline or country (think France and Italy) decides to try and disrupt UK holidaymakers.

Just a usual summer really……………………..


Ken McLeod
President SPAA
22 July 2019